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Round Square

Transcending borders, extending our worlds

January 22 to 25, 2018

The Round Square approach guides students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled and confident global citizens. Programs and activities are based on Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

We take pride in our active participation in the Regional Conferences. Our students have been going frequently to events held in various cities.

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Morning Program

Right from the Opening Ceremony on the first day to the Closing Ceremony on the last day, delegates were treated to a number of displays put up by the host school, BIS, after a lot of hard work and effort.

Bangalore International School hosted the Round Square Conference for 16 to 18 year old students from January 22 to 25, 2018. The tag line of the conference "Transcending borders, extending our worlds”, was based on the Round Square Ideal "International Understanding".

Delegates from 10 schools of South Asia and Gulf Region congregated at the BIS campus on the 22nd evening. They were given a warm traditional Indian welcome and were then ushered to complete the Registration process. This was followed by ice breakers so that delegates got familiar with each other. Next came the Science Curiosity show which had the audience enthralled to the amazing show.

The next day saw the delegates looking dapper in their formal School Uniforms for the Opening Ceremony. The Guest Speakers of the day were Mr. Martin Rohlmann, Cultural Officer, Consulate General of Germany and Mr Francois Gautier, Consul General, France. Both the speakers gave enough food for thought for the young delegates to discuss and deliberate in the barazza sessions that followed. The discussions in smaller groups ranged on various topics related to the theme Internationalism. The afternoon saw the young adults keenly participating in Team Building Activities, woven around the theme. The camaraderie noticed amidst them is worth a special mention. The hosts performed to the visiting schools at dusk. It was wonderful to see the bond between the delegates as they sang and danced together.

Early next morning, all the delegates travelled to Bhogandeshwara, a heritage site situated in the Nandi village, about 40 kms from the school. This picturesque location saw the delegates working hard together to prepare the conference statement. After a lot of discussions and deliberations, the young delegates came up with the following Conference Statement:

“We, as global citizens, must take collaborative, ethical decisions to diversify our cultural identity and expand the circle of human concern, thus transcending borders to attain a favorable balance towards harmonious coexistence”.

The guest schools attired in their colourful best performed in the evening. This was followed by Guest Speakers Mr. Raghava KK, Artist, Entrepreneur and Mr. Ajay Batra, Head, Centre for Entreprenurship, Bennett University. These sessions were very interactive and thought provoking. The delegates could connect well with the speakers and were truly inspired by them.

It was time for the Round Square Flag to be lowered and given away to Ms Padmaja, the Round Square Coordinator, for safe keeping till the next conference. Dinner and dancing around the campfire signalled the end of the conference which had to be closed a day earlier due to a bandh call given by the government. It was sad to watch the delegates leave a day early after exchanging telephone numbers and mail ids with promises to remain in touch and keep the Round Square spirit going.

Round Square Testimonials

  • The conference helped us to put forward our opinions and thoughts with confidence and broadened our imagination. The theme of the conference "Transcending Borders, Extending our worlds" helped us realise that there are a lot of opportunities if we cross our borders and step out of our comfort zone. The keynote speakers influenced us in a great way. The ideals of Round Square made us realise how people can come together from every corner and change the world. This conference also helped us in meeting new people and improving our socializing skills.

    Gowri Hari

  • They say Life goes by the blink of the eye. And so did this amazing journey. I on behalf of the entire team feel very privileged to have such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and learn so many new things. This trip has taught all of us how important it is to be hardworking and pursue our dreams no matter what hurdles we may face in our journey. The motivational speeches delivered by the speakers truly have motivated us and have inspired all of us in facing the never ending challenges of life. The various and innovative team building activities set up by the host school made all of us work together as one collective unit thus helping all of us become better sportsmen. The Barazza sessions not only provided us knowledge but also expanded our views and changed the perspective of seeing things. This tour made each and every single one of us meet new people and helped us learn a lot about their cultures and traditions. Last but not the least, events like the Science Fair and the Cultural show gave all of us memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. I would like to thank my Principal, Mrs. Papri Ghosh and the respective school authorities for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to attend the 2018 Round Square Bangalore International School Conference.

    Shivam Sharaf

  • I believe the Round Square Conference is a wonderful platform that gives students the opportunity to connect with students across the globe. This interactive session helped both sides gain a better insight and understanding into different global perspectives. This conference, we met with over 100 students from all over India and Oman. The Science Curiosity show from BIS’s very own Science Department set things in motion on the first day, with their glow-in-the-dark explosions and gravity defying physics experiments that had delegates on the edge of their seats. Our next day saw the delegates take part in their interactive Baraza sessions, discussing agendas from culture conflict to worldwide wellness woes. On our final day, we visited the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Nandi Hills, where we discussed and constructed our final Conference Statement in the backdrop of the ancient temples steeped in history. We returned to BIS where the visiting schools performed , and concluded the cultural evening with a bonfire night, where we sang the night away and said our final goodbyes to our new friends. I found this year’s Round Square Conference go be an enriching experience and hope to be a part of the next conference!

    Ryan Saleel

  • Through round square, I had the special opportunity and unique experience to interact intellectually, creatively, and socially with students from all over India and Oman. I gained new perspectives on national and international issues in our barazza groups. I enjoyed spending time with all the delegates during all our activities including teambuilding, sports, dancing on bonfire night, and the trip to Nandi Hills, which added up to be very memorable!

    Samanvita Devi

The Round Square approach guides students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled and confident global citizens. Programs and activities are based on Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

We take pride in our active participation in the Regional Conferences. Our students have been going frequently to events held in various cities. Students from different schools also have been hosted by BIS for both the Young Round Square and Round Square conferences.

The evening of 12th Feb 2015, saw BIS hosting the Round Square conference, “Vrittanta – Risking the Mundane” with delegates from six schools across the country. They were accorded a warm traditional welcome in the true Indian style with Aarti and tikka. Ice breaking sessions of games and music and the Science Curiosity Show were the highlights of Day 1.

Day 2 commenced with the formal inauguration of the conference by lighting the lamp, an invocation dance of the five elements, March Past by the participating delegates and the Chief Guest’s key note address. Barazza or the theme based discussion sessions and team building activities took up most of the day, while a colourful cultural program by the guest schools kept every one engaged in the evening.

“Adventure” being the theme, nearly 120 students and 40 staff members set off from Lemon Tree Hotel at 5:30 AM on Day 3. The task at hand was to scale the daunting Siddharabetta peak, situated off Tumkur in the outskirts of Bangalore. They assembled at the base camp at 8 AM and reached the summit at 10:30 AM. It was indeed a very exhilarating experience for both the young and the not-so-young with the rush of adrenalin. It was here that the delegates put together the conference statement. After relaxing in the Lemon Tree Hotel's swimming pool, the delegates were entertained by a program put together by the STUDCO.

The four - day conference culminated with a Martial Arts dance by BIS students and the lowering of the flags. It was mixed emotions for all of us; happy to have made new friends, but sad to bid adieu. We are sure that our students will be making many more new friends in the forthcoming Round Square conferences.

Extra Curricular

Model United Nations conferences


“I count on you to use the negotiating skills you learn in Model UN to help navigate the real-world problems we face. Join forces with likeminded individuals and groups to promote understanding and generate positive change.”

- Ban Ki Moon, Sec Gen, UN.

In the Model United Nations conferences, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate, make resolutions and resolve current issues on the organisation's agenda. Along with student delegates from schools all over India, our BIS team delivers speeches, prepares draft resolutions, negotiates with allies and adversaries to resolve conflicts and abides with the conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing "international cooperation."

BIS receives several invitations throughout the year from various schools across the globe hosting MUN conferences. Considering academics and other extracurricular events that our school has on the cards, we intend to encourage our students to participate in one conference, every semester of the academic year. Hence, we choose those conferences which are well reputed and whose timings do not clash with in-house events.

Students are expected to put in time and effort to prepare for these conferences by attending practice sessions as well as researching about their country’s stance in various committees. They will be awarded a certificate of participation from the host school. In some conferences, they will have the opportunity to win awards, if their performance has been noteworthy. Participation in MUN/ HMCA is undoubtedly an asset to students who are keen on applying to universities that insist on a documented proof of extracurricular activities.

A Grade 11 IB Student’s Perspective on the MUN

“I’ve been doing MUN for nearly 3 years and it has benefitted me tremendously. For a second, let’s ignore the fact that MUN looks great on a resume. How does it help you, your personality? You learn to overcome your fears of public speaking if any, you learn how to communicate and persuade others to see your point of view and when you can’t persuade them, you learn to compromise and meet them halfway in order to produce a realistic solution, an essential skill in today’s world of diversity. The SISMUN was an excellent experience. We met students from several schools and cities, enjoyed a combination of vigorous debates and socialized. The school was extremely hospitable and provided good dorm and dining facilities. I would definitely recommend it to any student looking to develop their personality and communication skills.”

-Aakarsh Bharati

Extra Curricular


BIS has always been a school known for its rich performing arts curriculum and this is exhibited in its annual MADD Fest, a multiple day event which features a diverse variety of performances ranging from Shakespeare and contemporary plays to both international and local dance productions to solo, choir and band showcases as well an extensive art display. It is always an event that is awaited for with great anticipation and one where the entire school comes together to display its creative best.

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The BIS Way


Bangalore International School
Vihaan Rustagi
Gr 6 LC in 2019-20

When school moved online, parents decided to homeschool him & bring him back when we resume physical classes. Vihaan has been diagnosed with autism and he is a very talented artist. In 2017, Vihaan’s art work was chosen by Plowns (an online platform for parents and children to share their creative work) for their calendar which was sold online. He had 82 buyers. He earned 6% for each calendar that was sold. In April 2017, Vihaan's drawings were gifted to the Chief Guest Dr. Shobha Srinath, MD - Senior Professor, NIMHANS at the Art Festival. During Autism awareness week at Wiztara. In February 2019, Vihaan's art work got selected again. This time it was displayed at the Action for Autism’s ‘Views from Planet Autism 2019’, an Exhibition in New Delhi. His art work was sold at this exhibition and he received a share of the sales.

Vihaan's drawings were gifted to the Chief Guest Dr. Shobha Srinath, MD - Senior Professor, NIMHANS at the Art Festival.

Sanjna received the International Diana Award in 2014. She was recognised as an inspiring role model for the community by the Diana Award UK

Bangalore International School
Sanjna Srikanth
Graduated grade 12 in 2015

Sanjna was diagnosed with Autism & she was home-schooled by her parents. She came to BIS in the afternoons to join her peers in all extra-curricular activities and receive some therapy too. Soon, her Art teachers discovered her great talent and she began attending Art classes at BIS. She soon became an accomplished artist. Shi is extremely creative and uses mediums like charcoal, dry pastels, oil pastels, pencil, pen and ink with equal e’lan. She can perceive influences of well-known Indian and International artists in her creations. She also has a distinct style of her own. She held her first Art exhibition on 19 May 2012. On display were 44 exquisite pieces of art which sold like hot cakes and the proceeds of it were donated by her to a needy cause close to her heart. She has had many art exhibitions in Bangalore and other cities, and she has sold many of her pieces. Sanjna received the International Diana Award in 2014. She was recognised as an inspiring role model for the community by the Diana Award UK, established in memory of Princess Diana. The award was signed by Mr. David Cameron, British Prime Minister. One of her paintings was also featured in a presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2013. In September 2016, Sanjna had the honour of being a Torch Bearer for the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics. She went to Rio De Janeiro along with her family and participated in the Torch Relay event.

Bangalore International School
Bhavani Sunder
Graduated grade 12 in 2013 by completing the NIOS course at the Learning Centre

She pursued Art at Chitrakala College of Fine Arts and is currently a successful freelance artist and art teacher.

A successful freelance artist and art teacher.

His art work was featured at The Outsider Art show supported by the Kochi Biennale foundation in 2019.

Bangalore International School
Shashwat Ghosh
Grade 8 in 2017 when he left BIS

Shashwat was diagnosed with Autism and is a wonderful artist. He has participated in many Art shows. His art work was featured at The Outsider Art show supported by the Kochi Biennale foundation in 2019. His work gathered much appreciation. Anjali Uthup Kurian, RJ, singer and entrepreneur, loved Shashwat’s vibrant creations and she bought two of his pieces and gifted one to her mother Usha Uthup. The legendary singer loved the paintings so much that she expressed a wish to meet the artist. When Usha came to Bangalore for an event, the meeting was arranged and Shashwat met the songstress who has moved countless hearts and minds with her music. Usha sang ‘Hari Om Hari’ with Shashwat, took pictures with him and bonded as everyone looked on in pure joy.

Bangalore International School
Zahan Setalvad
Completed Gr 12 Senior Secondary NIOS in June 2019.

He was an equestrian while in BIS. He represented India in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games in Equestrian. Has won the silver medal in the National Equestrian Championship held in Delhi in Feb. 2021.

Won the silver medal in the National Equestrian Championship held in Delhi in Feb. 2021.

Bangalore International School
Sharmila Nicollet
Completed her NIOS course since she was a sportsperson.

(I can’t remember the exact year, and we didn’t have digitized records in BIS then. It must have been around 2004 or 2005). She was a professional golfer. She has represented India at the Asian Games at Doha 2006 and in Asia Pacific Junior Golf Tournament, the Queen Sirikit Cup at Japan, the Malaysian Open and other international tournaments. She was also the youngest lady golfer to win the All-India Ladies Amateur Championship in 2007–2008.

She was also the youngest lady golfer to win the All-India Ladies Amateur Championship in 2007–2008.

He was subsequently awarded the Arjuna Award in 2019

Bangalore International School
Fouaad Mirza
Graduated grade 12 in 2010.

He was an equestrian while he was in BIS. He won silver medals both in individual and team Equestrian events at the 2018 Asian Games. He was subsequently awarded the Arjuna Award in 2019. He is the first Indian equestrian to qualify for Tokyo Olympics.

Bangalore International School

Jas Singh

has won several accolades in various swimming competitions.

Bangalore International School

Aadi Chaudhury

has won several accolades in various fields.

Bangalore International School

Avyay Srinivas

4th in a Swimathon held in Goa in October 2019. He swam 500m in the open sea.

Bangalore International School


Murthy represented India at the South Asian Taekwondo Competition held at Kathmandu Nepal in July 2017 and secured a gold medal.

Bangalore International School

Viyaan Prakash

won the 1st place in Bangalore Junior Golf Championship conducted on 3 rd April, 2019 at Prestige Golf Shire. He was awarded 2nd in order of merit 2018 in Bangalore Junior Golf Tour (BJGT) that was held on 25th and 26th February 2019 at Bangalore Golf Club.

Bangalore International School

Aarya Gurjar, Kumyang K. and Mahe Aiyer Banerjee

had participated in 2018 Royal Australian Chemical Institute ANCQ and were awarded High Distinction Excellence.

Bangalore International School

Jadyn Quadros

presented a TED Talk in September 2019 on ‘A kaleidoscope of path- breaking ideas’.

Bangalore International School


won the Bronze Medal in the ‘Lifesaving Sports National Championship’ held in Diu from 20th to 23rd October 2019. He was also part of the Karnataka team who was the Runners Up in the Championship.

Bangalore International School


placed first in the 100 metre freestyle, 50 metre freestyle and 50 metre breaststroke at the UTPULTA Swimming Meet. She also won the Individual Championship Trophy in her category.

1. In the Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2018, 1 student got High Distinction Excellence and 2 students secured High Distinction. We have students securing High Distinction Excellence for the past 3 years.
2. Film Fly Australia winners 2018 - Yogita Ragavendra and Yash Chandra Sekhar.
3. Mia Maria Raju has been a part of several orchestras in Shanghai and Bangalore as both a Violinist and a Violist. She has most recently been chosen to be a Violist with the South Asian Symphony Orchestra – an orchestra that promotes cultural diplomacy through music, among the eight nations of South Asia. Mia’s performance in October 2019 will radiate a message of unity and peace, and commemorate the 150 th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.