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Early Years

The Early Years, EY as we like to call it, at Bangalore International School comprises of Pre-Primary (PP – ages 3 to 4), Lower Kindergarten (LKG – ages 4 to 5), and Upper Kindergarten (UKG – ages 5-6). While there is only one section of PP & LKG, we have two sections of UKG – Cedar and Elm.

Curriculum Explained

The Early Years (EY) programme at Bangalore International School comprises Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). The Early Years curriculum at BIS combines the best practices of internationally renowned curriculum methods. Children experience immersive learning through theme based approach. They actively engage in activities for hands-on experiences across a theme so that they learn through their own strengths and interests.

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Elementary School

The nurturing Elementary Section (ES) at Bangalore International School is indeed a home away from home for students as testified both by students and parents year after year. The focus at ES is holistic growth for students who begin to build foundations of learning in Literacy, Numeracy and other academic areas. We have a diverse body of student and faculty who hail from different nationalities apart from India.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

We have an enquiry driven, experiential, interactive approach to learning that employs the innovative pedagogy with a focus on personalized and differentiated methodology. While we follow the Cambridge curriculum for English and Science, we have the school curated curriculum for Mathematics and Social Studies that amply uses resources from recognized academic bodies. This is to ensure that we are aligned with international standards, while being open to the nuances of education for our community. In addition, we have Information Technology and Computer Science and a variety of options of World Languages: French, Hindi and Spanish.

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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School Section of Bangalore International School!

Middle School is a critically defining point in the educational career of a student. It serves as a bridge between Elementary School and High School, and has a long-term impact on a student's readiness for future academic challenges. At Middle School, students begin to take more responsibility for their learning and the teacher assumes the role of a facilitator.

Curriculum design, teaching strategies and assessments are aligned with the standards of the core programme developed by our experienced staff members. We also follow the Cambridge Checkpoint syllabus for English, Math and Science, which culminates in Checkpoint examinations in Grades 5 and 8.

At BIS, we recognize the fact that the Middle School years are a time for experimenting with multiple approaches to learning and teaching, thus, imparting learning through class room instruction, audio-visual aids, hands-on activities, field trips and excursions, physical education and performing and visual arts. Students have ample opportunities to explore, fine-tune and exhibit their talents. We acknowledge that all subject areas are connected and therefore, we lay special emphasis on integration across subjects to make learning more meaningful and relevant.

Students are presented with leadership roles at school events, Round Square meetings and Sports and Cultural competitions, where they imbibe the qualities of sportsmanship, team-spirit, perseverance and resilience.

Since the Middle School years, being a period of transition, can be an emotionally challenging phase for children, we provide an environment which fosters easy and open communication between staff and students. It also encourages creative ways of dealing with conflict. In preparing students for high school, we try to instill a sense of independence and personal responsibility. To that end, we also run the PSHE(Personal,Social,Health and Economic Education) programme which is designed and delivered to cater specifically to the needs and requirements of the MS years.

Our primary objective is to create a challenging, yet supportive learning environment where teachers strive to take into account every child’s learning needs, strengths and areas for improvement through differentiated instruction and assessment.

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Curriculum Explained

The Middle School at BIS consists of Grades 5 to 8. Though based, to an extent, on the Cambridge International Secondary Programme as well as the IB MYP programme, the MS curriculum has been developed by BIS staff. The intention was to create a flexible curriculum framework that allowed us to explore myriad ways of inculcating skills and understanding during the course of our students’ creative learning journey.

The subjects taught in the Middle School can be divided into 10 subject groups: First Language (English Language, English Literature), World Languages (English, French, Spanish, Hindi, German,Kannada), Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Science (History, Geography), ICT, Home Economics/Nutrition, Visual Arts (2D & 3D), Performing Arts (Music, Dance & Theatre) and Physical Education.

The content in every subject area has been carefully curated by the staff to ensure that our students are comfortable in any cultural setting while being comfortable with their own cultural roots as well. The best international resources are used to deliver the curriculum and the teachers make every attempt to go above and beyond prescribed textbooks. Assessment consists of a comprehensive range of strategies that cater to the different learning styles of our students. Continuous assessments culminate every term with school examinations.

In Grades 5 and 8, students also take the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations in English, Mathematics and Science which is an additional certificate as well as a diagnostic tool that evaluates the candidate’s performance in each sub-strand per subject in the curriculum. They also take the Cambridge Starter Awards for ICT. An attempt is also made to align the school assessment for Science subjects with that of Checkpoint & IGCSE by holding a practical component.

The curriculum is designed and delivered to ensure that our students move on from the Middle School to High School years as knowledgeable, inquiring, reflective, principled and independent thinkers.


High School

The High School section at BIS is academically driven. There is a constant effort to uphold, inculcate, and nurture values and principles that foster holistic development in our students.

High school spans Grades 9 to 12. In Grades 9 and 10, we offer the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. In Grade 11 and 12, students can choose between Cambridge-A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Cambridge International (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) offer rigorous academic programs, benchmarked to world standards.

Besides compulsory subjects, BIS offers an interesting range of contemporary academic subjects, designed to capture a student's curiosity, and develop a lifelong love of learning. BIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This enables BIS to offer its own High School Diploma. Students completing course requirements by the end of Grade 12 are awarded the BIS Diploma which is recognised by the Association of Indian Universities(AIU) and Universities abroad.

In keeping up with the demands for 21st century skills, our instructional practices are designed to provide students with a framework for critical analysis, research skills, collaboration skills and presentation skills. These developmentally appropriate educational practices have been recognized to meet students' needs in all the areas of development - physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

High school is a veritable bee hive of opportunities. Students have ample opportunities to engage in sports and extracurricular activities. In keeping with the true spirit of global citizenship, a few student groups have launched CAS clubs. These groups are engaged in fostering social consciousness and global awareness.

Equipped with the right temperament and skills, our students have excelled in life after school. They have had the honour of joining some of the best universities in the world.

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The Learning Centre at BIS!

Our Learning Centre (LC) is our pride and joy! It is a unique and a very distinctive feature of BIS! We are proud to be one of the most inclusive schools in the country with a robust Special Education Needs section. The Learning Centre was established in 2003. We offer an inclusive education along a continuum of partial to full general classroom placement depending on the needs of each student. The school values each learner and provides opportunities for him/her to learn and grow. In all our endeavors, the focus is on the individual student and we provide the services that would benefit him/her. We aim to offer the students of the LC as inclusive a learning experience as possible. We believe that each student is different and therefore learns in a way that suits him/her the best. We are strongly committed to sensitizing the BIS community about accepting and celebrating differences.

Some of the services we offer include:
1. Accommodations during school assessments and external examinations
2. Support from a special educator in the mainstream classroom (Grades 1 to 8)
3. Subject specific remedial help
4. An individualized academic program at the LC
5. Secondary (Grade 10) and Senior Secondary (Grade 12) NIOS program
6. Speech/Language therapy
7. Occupational Therapy
8. Physiotherapy

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Creativity, Activity and Service

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is one of the essential components of the IB Diploma Programme. It enables students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance and develops skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making.

CAS is the experiential learning component of Bangalore International School and is mandatory for all students. Contributing to the society is a philosophy in which we all believe at BIS. With this belief we run the CAS programme for the entire school. Students are encouraged to form clubs of their interest. These clubs are managed by students themselves, with teachers acting as facilitators. Middle and High School students form separate groups so that every student gets an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Through CAS activity, students develop empathy, belongingness and a sense of being a part of the larger society. Their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning is enhanced. They are involved in challenging and life changing experiences through self-discovery and awareness. They understand their own strengths and limitations, identify goals and devise strategies for personal growth. At the end of the year, students are appreciated and rewarded for their proactive contribution and collaborative work.

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Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Bangalore International School is a PSAT and SAT testing centre.


To register for the PSAT please email us at pavani.dusi@bischool.in


Click here to find the test center protocol for testing in 2020-2021.

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Advanced Placement Test (AP)

Bangalore International School is also an AP test centre.

AP®: Advanced Placement Program® Exams

College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® is recognized by universities around the world as a standard of academic excellence. Since 1955, the AP® Program has enabled millions of students to take U.S. university undergraduate-level courses and earn undergraduate degree credit, advanced placement, or both while still in high school/secondary school. Nearly all colleges and universities in the United States and Canada — as well as more than 700 universities worldwide — consider AP Exam scores for admission, and grant credit and placement for qualifying AP Exam scores. Most universities also acknowledge course participation, regardless of AP score, favorably in the admission process.

For more information visit College Board’s website
Access the list of Universities around the world offering AP credits:
Some benefits of Taking AP Program Exams

Some benefits of Taking AP Program Exams

  • Stand out in university admissions
  • Earn university credit
  • Skip introductory university classes
  • Save money on tuition
  • Build skills and confidence

Review the AP course descriptions for the subject(s) you want to test in. Each description explains which topics are covered in the AP course—and what might be on the exam.


If you are a student who registered before the November 2020 deadline or wish to register during the late registration window to take AP exams in May/June 2021: Please take note of the updated AP exam schedule and testing options announced recently by the AP Program. There are three testing dates for each subject. Each subject on any given testing date will be delivered as either paper-only or digital only.

May 3 -7
May 10 -12
May 14
May 17

Only pen and paper
exams administered in person

May 18-21
May 24-28

Some subjects are pen and paper only; some are digital exams only

June 1- 4
June 7-11

Most subjects are digital exams only

Detailed subject wise exam schedule for academic year 2020-21 can be accessed here

How does the updated schedule affect students who have already registered?

Students already registered for regular testing will be assigned to Administration 1 dates for the corresponding exam. Students in Administration 1 should plan to sit for pen and paper exams on the same day, time, and place, with one exception – exams originally scheduled for May 13 are now scheduled for May 17.

Students already registered for late testing will be assigned to Administration 2 dates for the corresponding exam. Make sure you are aware of the mode of the exam you have enrolled i.e., if it is pen and paper or in a digital format. Please refer to the exam schedule on AP’s website to confirm your testing date, time, and exam format.

Administration 3 will have mostly digital at home testing option. Students who have already registered will be able to request to shift to Administration 3 only after approval from the AP Test center coordinator, AP coordinator will assess the reasons with a valid proof for testing during this window and share the decision with the student.

Bangalore International School is currently expecting to administer all paper-only exams as originally planned. Registered students whose testing dates and/or testing modes have changed as a result of the updated schedule will be provided further details about testing options and change request procedures by 9th March 2021.


Bangalore International School, Bangalore is authorized by the College Board to administer AP Exams.

Registration Timeline:

February 15th 2021

March 9th 2021

INR 15,500

INR 15,500

INR 15,500

Students will have to create an account on College Board’s website for registering for AP exams, Link to MY AP account: https://myap.collegeboard.org/login

Find detailed information related to our Test Centre’s AP Exam policy and Registration process, Exam Fee in the PDF document listed below:

Register for AP Exams


Students must ensure that they have Registered for all AP exams, paid the Exam fee to AP Test centre and completed the entire process mentioned in the AP Exam registration policy by the deadlines listed. There will be no extensions to the deadlines allowed later.


Academics Office

BIS relies heavily on the strong foundation of a caring and connected community.

We are a parent-run school and we have benefited immensely from how invested the parents are in the education of the children. It is a partnership that has stood the test of time. The legacy of BIS is the relationships that we have built and the values that we can inculcate in our students. It is highly a culture of delivery through demonstration. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we have been able to demonstrate more personal attention to every child at BIS. This is also one of the reasons why we strive to deliberately manage the size of our community.

Our goal is Providing education for life - Empowering students with skills (academic and non-academic), know-how (technological and otherwise), and values (integrity, humility, empathy, compassion, etc.) that prepares them for professional success and makes them responsible, caring, and connected global citizens.

We see ourselves becoming one of the best International Schools with students who are not only aware of the global scenarios and issues but are active contributors to the solving of these issues. Our children learn to take responsibility for their education and we have consistently empowered them to have a say in their education. We still have miles to go and together, we will foray into the future…. We aspire to have structured, deeply focused, and well-defined growth

Academics Office | Bangalore International School