Transcending borders, extending our worlds
January 22 to 25, 2108

The Round Square approach guides students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled and confident global citizens. Programs and activities are based on Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

We take pride in our active participation in the Regional Conferences. Our students have been going frequently to events held in various cities.

Between the Feb 14th to 17th 2017 saw BIS host 12 schools at the Round Square conference. Around 113 Students between the age of 10 and 11 years participated with pride and dedication in all the activities which were planned. 2017 was also the Golden Jubilee year of Round Square and the theme of the conference, “No Green - No Life, Know Green - Know Life was most appropriate. The theme addresses the global issue of our natural environment deteriorating.

The event started with a traditional welcome to our guests, followed by a march past by all the schools. Key note speakers Mr. Koshy and Mr. Milind Bunyan, emphasised on the importance of how climate change could impact our lives negatively. They asked us questions which made us think deeply about the impact deforestation. The delegates then watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s epic, eye-opening documentary, “Before the Flood.”

The delegates were split into groups and engaged in several activities like “Dolls with a purpose” where the groups learnt to make dolls with simple eco-friendly material like wool, cotton stuffing and flexible wires. Each group then interpreted what they though the dolls stood for. It was interesting to see each delegate give their points of view ranging from adverse effects of pollution, racism and much more. The other activity was “Object Theatre”, where the groups had to enact an object; this was both entertaining and helped teams bond together. Another very interesting activity in line with the conference theme was “Story telling & paper cycling”. Through this session the delegates learnt about how simple farmers are manipulated buying expensive seeds with the promise of fast growing crops. This in fact, proves counter-productive and disrupts the harmony of a balanced ecosystem. After this eye opening session, the delegates learnt how to make paper in an eco-friendly method. Jute, cotton cloth and waste paper is made into pulp with a beater and then continuously rolled into a roller until it has achieved a certain thickness. To end with, the delegates made paper bags and containers to keep as souvenirs.

A field trip to” Annadana” was an exciting outing. "Let's re-seed India" is the mission statement of 'Annadana', a group of farmers promoting the usage of unadulterated, fresh, and organic produce through sustainable techniques. Their brief but effective presentation made the delegates conscious about their dietary choices and educated them regarding the diversity present in the natural world. The students marvelled at the simplicity and innovative nature of the farm operations, after witnessing the production of compost using the humble ingredients of cow dung, cow urine, curd, and ghee. The usage of natural herbs to create cost effective pesticides garnered a lot of praise too. The delegates had a wonderful opportunity to experience farming first hand. They felt more attuned to nature after the experience and vouched to give gardening a chance in the near future.

The ever popular Barazza sessions culminated into the development of the Conference statement: “We believe in taking initiative and risks to combat global issues that affect our environment - such as the misuse of resources - in order to preserve our planet for future generations.” This theme was incorporated into the Cultural evening performances, which ended with a dinner with The Head of School and teacher delegates. Another Round Square event concluded, with delegates leaving Bangalore with happy memories and with plans on how they will make a positive impact on the environment.


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Round Square Testimonials

Morning Program

Right from the Opening Ceremony on the first day to the Closing Ceremony on the last day, delegates were treated to a number of displays put up by the host school, BIS, after a lot of hard work and effort.

The first morning began with an invocation song in Sanskrit performed by Sairam of Grade 7. It was a unique cultural experience for all the delegates from across the globe. Soon after, the delegates assembled for the walk-past. Each delegation marched together with their flag in a show of pride for their school. Following this, was a beautiful musical performance put up by the students of Grade 6. They sang ‘Love Can Turn the World’, by Gaither Vocal Band, to a rapt audience. After this, the girls of Grade 7 gathered for a dramatic and graceful contemporary dance piece that showcased the theme of working together to achieve our goals. This was followed by the keynote address by our Chief Guest, Mr. R.K Mishra. He is the former winner of the Lead India campaign and now, the leader of a new political party, NavBharat. He spoke of how he had changed his profession and moved from the corporate world to the political; what inspired him and how he is going to make a change. He encouraged the delegates to be leaders, not politicians. His moving speech had the desired effect, and all hands were raised in the air to ask Mr. Mishra questions. Many helpful notes were taken down to be used in the Barazza sessions later on.

The next morning was a shorter programme but it involved some key elements. The students of Grade 8 presented a dance performance revolving around the theme of the conference, presenting the similarities between different dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Contemporary, Khon and Ballet. There was also another treat in store for the audience, a famous Michael Jackson song – Heal the World. It was sung by a few students from Grades 8 and 6. The final part of the programme was the keynote address, by our Chief Guest for the day, the founder of the Agastya Foundation – Mr. Ramji Raghavan. He shared some very interesting words of wisdom. He believes that there is a 'how' and 'why' behind anything and everything. He also told us how many lives Agastya had touched and what unlikely muses he had had. He created Agastya to show children the beauty and wonder of science. He also shared a few stories about who had inspired him and how. All in all, it was a very unique and interactive keynote address.


On the last day, all the delegates gathered to a very eventful and enriching conference for the closing ceremony. It began with a song by our music teachers, Mr. Kevin and Ms. Miracle. It was a unique and excellently worded song, Walls by Tommy Emmanuel, which touched our hearts. Later, the Grade 6 students depicted a dance on religious barriers and differences, showcasing how we are not so different after all. The ceremony ended with the Conference Statement – a collection of the delegates’ opinions compiled into a statement that expressed the Round Square ideals for this particular conference. This eventful Young Round Square Conference ended with the National Anthem, and the schools parted ways with many memories and smiles.

Evening Program

The Barazza sessions and other activities kept us engaged during the day. However, it was when the sun went down that everyone opened up and really had fun. Each day, after the daytime activities, all the delegates would go back to SAIACS, change, and come back to school for the evening program. Every evening was an unforgettable experience and no two days were the same.


We started the first one with a special BIS introduction video that took the students through a normal day at school

right from the classes and the cafeteria to the PE field. Then, since everyone was new, bright-faced and shy, we began the evening with some ice-breaking games. Right after this, the Grade 7 band, the Legendary Mopheads, performed two songs, to which everyone was cheering and clapping. After this, we were surprised to learn that music had been put together and it was time to hit the dance floor! This time, no one cared about which school or grade you were from; if you were there, you had to be dancing. We jumped and bounced to every tune! Every teacher, student or guest was there moving to their own rhythm. But then it stopped all too soon, and with many promises for more dancing, we were ushered to the basketball field to practice the next day’s walk past. It was fair to say that the general sense of balance after the dancing could have been much better. After practice, the PE coaches reluctantly let us go for dinner. Anyway, after all the dancing, no one was scared to make friends and talk; dancing was the real ice-breaker. There was no more ice to break and people from every school mixed up and chatted; it was like we had been friends forever.

The next evening, delegates from every school were rushing about, getting ready for the Cultural Program.

Here, basically, each school presented something that showcased their traditions and culture. As each school went up, the crowd went insane; cheering, whooping and stamping. In the next hour the crowd saw it all – mimes, dances, plays, monologues, songs and choirs. Everyone was encouraged and the theme of the conference – ‘Umoja: To a World Beyond Differences', was explored and displayed to the fullest. After a beautiful sign language video version of our national anthem, we hit the dinner buffet.



On Saturday evening, the BIS LipDub Video was shown.

Here, admittedly, the ones who cheered the loudest were the ones who were in it – the host school delegates! After eleven and a half minutes of pure embarrassment, perhaps mixed with pride, the BIS students were tired and their voices, hoarse. There was also a colourful drama performance by the host school delegates. Then, the Mopheads made a reappearance with amazing songs to end the day. Our excitement peaked when it was mentioned that there would be more dancing. Everyone perked right back up and skipped to the dance floor. This time they even played Jordanian music in honour of the Jordanian delegates, who went up on stage and taught everyone their traditional dance! There was some groaning when we had to for dinner. But then someone mentioned magic words like marshmallows, bonfire and cookies, and there was a mad scramble as everyone rushed to the amphitheatre for a classic camp send-off. There was loud chatter as people recalled the best memories from the past few days. After dinner, there was some time during which people scrambled for pieces of paper and pens to scribble phone numbers and email addresses along with promises to keep in touch.

After experiencing so much together, no one could deny the bonds of friendship that sprung up so quickly. Even though this conference lasted only three days and was short and sweet, we had made enough friends to last a lifetime.

The Round Square Hissar Conference

We were very excited to be a part of the Round Square conference which was held at Hissar, Haryana. The conference started on September 1st and ended on the 3rd. Students from both Grades 6 and 7 attended the event. There were a total of ten students – Johanna, Shoshanna, Saakshi, Stuthi, Indraneel, and Shefali from Grade 7 and Azra, Aadya, Rosanna and Sahil from Grade 6. The two teachers who accompanied us were Mr Colin and Ms Gayathri. With eager anticipation, on the morning of August 31st, we took a flight to Delhi. From Delhi, it was a four hour drive to Hissar. The bus ride was very enjoyable as we all were singing and having a good time. We reached Vidya Devi Jindal School in the evening. We had our ice breaking session wherein we were introduced to the other schools. The next day was the first day of the conference, where we had the inaugural ceremony and the first key note speaker, who was very inspiring. After that we had our barazza session, where we were split into groups and had discussions and played games. In the evening, we had sports activities which were fun and adventurous.

On the second day of the conference, we visited Hissar’s local museum where we could see several artefacts. In the afternoon, we had a session by the second key note speaker which was very interactive and interesting! In the evening, we visited the MG Mall. We went to the game zone and had a blast bumper karting! We played a variety of games and saw a short 9D movie too! We ate dinner at the Mall and then went back to the school.

On the last day of the conference, we went to an area and helped to clean it up. Later in the day, we also hosted a sports meet for a government school. In the evening, delegates were asked to come dressed as International Leaders and speak like them. Indraneel and I (Shefali), dressed as American leaders – Kennedy and Obama and spoke on their policies. It went well and we were appreciated for our efforts. At night, there was a DJ; we all danced and had a great time. The next day, we left for the airport and took a flight back to Bangalore. When we reached, we all were happy to be home. Overall, the conference was exciting and proved to be a great learning experience.

Round Square 2014 was a Great Success

The Round Square conference was based on ‘Adventure’. The main theme of adventure wasn’t limited to the idea that it involves only outdoor activities. The definition of adventure has many facets, which involves self-exploration and venturing into the unknown. The conference itself was like an adventure. Meeting new people, breaking away from the shy bubble we put ourselves in and learning to embrace new experiences, was all part of it. Round Square ’15 had many activities centred around the theme, such as trekking, cave-exploring and treasure hunts. It was a very enriching experience and it broke through my expectations with flying colours.