Check out what one of our students Sanjana has achieved…click here


We wanted to express our gratitude for the time and effort you took to counsel and help us think through the opportunity presented to Alexander.

We want to say that the personal interest and energy you took to help us has been decisive and invaluable. Both Alexander and we are now happy with the decision we have made to continue his studies at BIS at least until the 10th standard. We will revisit the matter at that time.

We will continue to seek your counsel and advice knowing how deeply concerned you are for the welfare of your students,

With sincere thanks, Mr/Mrs. John


We are happy to announce Sanjna's Art show, from Mar 18-22nd, at the Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bangalore. We are so very grateful to the school for discovering her talent and grooming it so well.

Thanks and regards, Jayashree


Just a brief note to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful work you do with the students. Shanti is blossoming in an amazing way and am very greatful to all of you.

Last evening graduation was so interesting and fantastic in many ways. While I saw some adults in distress, I also observed students dealing with the rain in a very responsible enjoyable way. Shanti told me that, for the students, this was the best graduation ever because they were blessed with the rain and then could play....everything is a question of perspective!

Congratulation on the fantastic work you did and do!

Kind regards, Angela


Shivani came back from school on Thursday and said the BEST Children's day EVER!

I, as a parent of a 12 th grader, take this opportunity to Thank You and ALL the teachers for taking so much trouble and make this day, a part of those amazing memories, these kids are going to take with them, for the rest of their lives.

I wonder, what the school and the teachers feel, after every batch passes out.... But as a mother of a single child, its getting tougher for me to get ready for an inevitable- " empty nest syndrome" !!!!

(Request you to communicate my thank you to all the teachers, staff and support staff of BIS)

Regards and Best Wishes always, Anupama Phansalkar


Dear All,

Further to my conversation with the Head of School last Friday, it is indeed with a heavy heart that I have to inform you, that Suraj Chatterjee (8E), will be leaving BIS, at the end of this academic year.

I am being sent to the UK with work, indefinitely, and as you can appreciate need my family with me.

Firstly, I want to thank not only each one of you, but all the staff, for making the experience once again a memorable one.
If any of you have spent time with Suraj, you will know and have noticed, the leaps and bounds of confidence and academic excellence he has achieved in just one year.

Mr Maxim has been instrumental to this, as he indeed understands the boundaries/limits that need to be set for the middle school.
I am told frequently by teachers and parents (including my wife...who falls under both categories), that middle school is probably the hardest years to manage from a teaching perspective. Suraj has frequently commented on the fact that the ethos of work hard/play hard is what BIS follows. Thank you.

As far as the Principal is concerned, she truly is Suraj Chatterjee's beacon of light. Has been and always will be.

I would like to wish each one of you a wonderful summer holiday and all the very best for the future. I hope that if we get a chance to return once again, we can come knocking on your door.

Kindest Regards,
Tapash & Mumtaz Chatterjee, Suraj and Rohan


Dear Admissions team,

I really appreciate the way you received us and updated us in detail. I'm really impressed with the system you have in place. The system is the only thing which has set you folks apart. Its working the system I mean. This is the only school where in parents and kids are respected and treated with care. You are open, transparent and humble at the same time. I'm so impressed.


Children's Day 2014

When I first started teaching, it was at a community college in a small American town. Most of my students were adults with jobs, who were working towards further qualifications. It was a stress free job. Small classes, few assessments and when I went home, I did not spare a thought for my students – my evenings and weekends were all mine. I loved teaching I thought – no pressure and no stress.

When I moved to India and approached the Principal for a job, she told me that the only opening she had was for a Grade 3 class teacher. Easy-peasy, I thought, if adults were so easy to teach, then 9 year olds would be a piece of cake. I sharpened all the colour pencils, got out colourful desk tags and had all my lesson plans ready. Then Rohil, Tabish, Azarah and the gang came barreling through. “Miss! Miss! Aunty! Mummy! She did…! He did…!”, a few tears, a lot of arguing, a lot a lot of noise. By the end of the day, I staggered to a chair and sat down. Dropped my head in my hands and thought to myself “What have I done? This is crazy! I’ll just tell the Head of School that this was a big misunderstanding. I’m not cut out for this!”

But… then I had a kind of Disney movie moment. You know the kind of moment Rapunzel had when she first felt grass under her feet…? I felt compelled somehow to stay with the job. Something bigger than me was at work. The little third graders had, in those few maddening hours, managed to get under my skin. It seemed impossible to just walk away. I already felt responsible. I already felt that they were MY kids. I found myself defending them to someone who said that I must have had a tough day with them. Wait a minute… In the classic words of Paashmina and Zoheb - Wassssup??!

Over the years here I have found my answer. All BIS teachers, everyone of us suffer from a strange condition. It’s called Bigheartitis!! Yes BIG- HEART- IT- IS : This does not mean we will be big softies who will look the other way all the time. No. It means that those gorgeous adults behind you carry in their hearts EVERY single student that they have taught. The studious, the sly, the lazy, the wise, the affectionate, the sassy, the make-you-tear-your-hair out with their whining. Every single child becomes a part of us. Sometimes we do not even want to feel this way, but it is inevitable. Our hearts swell, make room and every single student finds a place within!

All of you here should know that you are cared for and prayed for and celebrated everyday. We have all heard you pass a comment or two about your teachers… but do you know that we teachers discuss you too? Staff room conversations are fascinating and humbling. When teachers are worried about a student, there is so much genuine worry expressed – so much of “I don’t know what to do, how to get through to him or her…” And when a student does something amazing, the news is shared in the same way a parent announces their child won a prize. There is so much real joy, a collective smile, a tangible lifting of the spirits…

Seven years since I first walked into that 3rd grade classroom. That whole gang is in the 10th grade now. When I walk into that class, I still hear “Miss, Miss, He did…!, She did…!” and a lot - a lot of noise. Only now I don’t sit down with my head buried in my hands. I go straight down to Ms. Annette and ask for a few strong pills and an empty bed :)

Look at all of you… Every single one of you… I wish you could see yourselves with our eyes. We see so much potential in each of you. Potential for goodness and compassion. For grace and integrity. We see singers and authors. Engineers and historians. Sportspersons and event planners. Food scientists and DJs. Drummers and teachers and doctors and genetic ethologists… We see all this - and we feel privileged that we get to help you get there. And you will. If you only believe in yourself - as much as we do.

Happy Children’s day!
Ms Bridget Raju


Dear Ms.Mitali,

Thank you for your kind words! Though we are excited about returning to the US, it is going to be hard to leave BIS behind. It has been a second home for the kids, they were nurtured and encouraged to be the best they can! We will miss the warm, loving environment.

I cannot thank the teachers enough, right from early years into middle school it has been a wonderful experience for the kids. We have always appreciated that teachers and management are always open to listening to our concerns and bringing about changes when required.

Sports, Music, Arts and other activities classes were par excellence! We are in debt to all the teachers who have worked hard introducing our kids to various interests outside of academics. The art kids have brought back from school over the years adorn our home and it will continue to do so in our new home!

We'll miss the warm, caring support staff whether on the bus or in school. The kids have enjoyed the food served at school and I can confidently say it is the best school menu in town!! Oh, we will miss the yummy food that was always served at PTMs, I will miss those brownies!

Thank you!
Regards, Gayathri


Dear Ms Francesca,

Hope you are well. Zehran and Ayesha have been really enjoying their time in BIS. It's proven to be an excellent institution for our children to learn and develop in. We are very happy with the school, teachers and other staff as well.

I wish to thank you for all the help and time that you put in to ensure a place is secured for them. Without you it wouldn't have been possible. So thank you very much. All your help and support is highly appreciated.

We wish to continue with BIS for many more years to come.
Kind regards, Abreena Punekar mother of Ayesha, Gr 3 and Zeharan Gr 5



At the very outset and with a heavy feeling ,we would like to express our deepest gratitude to this wonderful family at BIS.
Our kids have blossomed into such fine, mature young adults and we owe a big part of that to the wonderful teachers and the healthy environment at BIS . Its has been a great journey for all of us !

As we have decided to relocate to Dubai. Thank you all, once again, for the support and help. When we do get back home to Bangalore, BIS is the school where we will come back to.

Wishing you all the very best and a successful and bright year ahead !
Best regards, Pavithra & Vivek parents of Aavni, gr 1 and Dhriti, gr 8


A quick token of appreciation that I wanted to share with you: Lakshia and I went to USA last week, and I took her to NASA to show her spaceships and astronauts. She was heavily appreciated for her knowledge of planets and stars! I was so proud and owe every bit to you.

Soshia, Mother of Lakshia, UKG


Dear Ms. Shibani, Sujatha and Rita,

We just wanted to thank all of you at the close of the school year for all your hard work throughout this year.

Aleyah has loved each day of school and we found it hard to keep her home when she fell sick! Every Friday she would grumble that she has two full days before she can go to school again. Thank you for the loving care you have shown her at school. We had home schooled her till LKG and this was her first experience of school and it goes to your credit that she has loved every minute of it.

We especially want to thank Ms Sujatha and Ms Rita for the way in which they have gone about teaching. We will be forever grateful that you taught Aleyah to love reading and writing. The book that came home yesterday shows how hard you both have worked with each child. All her education will now rest on this foundation you so carefully laid. You have understood each child and helped them learn according to their personality. Thank you also for helping us with her sun related allergies. We are very grateful for the effort you took with Aleyah and for making her feel so special.

Thank you, Ms. Shibani, for all the fun activities and the school year you coordinated and for the safe atmosphere of Early Years, for all your clear mails, instructions and clarifications sent so promptly. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Warm regards, Rashmi and Lee parents of Aleyah, LKG


Dear Ms. Geetha,

What an incredible evening! The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 was a truly memorable experience. Vrinda was touched by all the detailed gestures and will cherish this day for years to come. Thank you for making it so special, it was a perfect night.

What made the ceremony even more of a celebration for us was the fact that Vrinda has passed all her subjects, and not just passed, but gotten some pretty spectacular results in some of her classes. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for BIS's willingness to take a bold chance on Vrinda and for constantly rooting in her success.

We had come to BIS at a truly difficult juncture for our family. Her previous school (despite the gaudy promises to cater to special needs) had failed us in providing sound support that she needed to thrive. We were tentative about coming to BIS, simply because we knew about Vrinda's struggle to adjust to the academic rigors given her difficulty in grasping materials as quickly as her peers.

BIS handled her case magnificently. Not only did they provide her with an opportunity to learn from a curriculum that would more suit her interests, they also prepared a solid infrastructure and a passionate team to nurture her growth. The spirit of academic excellence was instilled into my daughter and we saw her transform from a struggling student to a deserving graduate within a year. I think we have every single member of the BIS community to thank for this, starting from the administration who handles everything with grace all the way to the Head of School  who drives the school towards its vision.

From the first day of high school, Vrinda's dream was to throw her graduation cap in the air one day. To be able to call herself a graduate and to successful "be done with school" (in her own words!). BIS gave her more than that, they gave her optimism for her future and the confidence to keep overcoming challenges.

BIS has given our daughter a solid foundation to build the rest of her life. We cannot thank you enough.

With our most sincerest gratitude,
Upma Goyal, mother of Vrinda Goyal – grade 12