Computer Lab

We have three computer labs with 70 systems with internet connection exclusively for students. Students visit the computer lab during a designated class. In addition, BIS has a resource lab with 12 computers for High School students' use. Dedicated and trained teachers are always at hand to help students with research and project work. BIS is also WiFi enabled.


BIS has a fleet of buses that reach most parts of the city. On each bus we have a GPS surveillance and communication system with Live Tracking, Real-Time Alerts and Event Logs. Drivers of the buses are trained and monitored to ensure the safety of each child. Every bus also has a female attendant who is there throughout the journey. In addition, BIS staff is also present on the school buses.

Day Care

BIS offers a day care service for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. At the creche children can take a nap, study, complete their homework and play under supervision.

School Counsellor

BIS is dedicated to the emotional well-being of every child. Whether it is to have a casual chat or to resolve a deeper issue, students can approach a qualified and full-time school counsellor. Parents are also welcome to contact the school counsellor with regard to their children.

Play Area

The Early and Elementary Year students have a colourful and developmentally suited play area. The equipment is not only fun to use but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity. The outdoor play area is a safe haven for the little ones to enjoy.

Sports Field

The school is proud of its football field and basketball court available to all students. Both are made of materials that avoid too much stress on the knees. A throwball court is also present.

Swimming and tennis are offered outside the school. Each class in the Early Year and Elementary School section has a designated day and time when they are accompanied by the staff to a nearby pool and tennis court that the school has approved for safety and quality standards.


BIS is the first in Bangalore to host an e-library. There are 30 laptops for students to read e-books and materials on. The library is a book lovers' paradise with novels, magazines, encyclopedia and subject-specific books. The friendly librarians are ever willing to offer a helping hand to students who want to use the library. There is also a story telling room for Kindergarten kids. Library is a compulsory period from nursery to Grade 8.


The BIS cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack before children board the bus to return home. The meals cater to a variety of palates and a food committee ensures that all meals are nutritious as well as tasty. We offer both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian menu.

Science Labs

The Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs follow all safety guidelines and provide students an enriching environment to learn the practical aspects of Science. Lab technicians and teachers assist students in their learning.


BIS has a full-time qualified nurse and doctor. The dispensary is well-stocked and equipped to handle minor injuries, allergies and illnesses. Several beds are available for rest and recuperation. There are hospitals nearby which are easily accessible in case of emergencies.

Home Economics Lab

You will often find the aroma of freshly baked cakes or cookies wafting through the doors of the Home Economics Lab. This is a place where the culinary skills of students are encouraged. Students enjoy experimenting in this large, well-lit place which includes cooking ranges, ovens and fridges.

Fine Arts

BIS places great emphasis on creativity and passion for arts. There are large spaces where children indulge in drawing, painting or pottery. Childrens' art work is often displayed around the school and during exhibitions. Our skilled teachers have also seen students through their board exam in the arts field.

Performing Arts

Dance, Dramatics and Music classes are a hit among students and for good reason. Our professional dance instructors help children explore both Indian and contemporary disciplines. The experienced drama teachers engage children in a variety of acting skills. BIS has two sound-proof music rooms where students are taught singing. Instruments, including the guitar, drums and violin are taught as extracurricular activities. We have a student band as well as Elementary, Middle and High School Choirs.

Music Lab

Inaugurated in January 2017, the music department got a shot in the arm with a Music Lab to kick start their vision, “Music 2020”. It is fully equipped with iMacs, digital pianos, music ed software, Apple TV and all we need to make Music a subject a part of the High School curriculum.