Learning Centre

The Learning Centre (LC) at Bangalore International School was established in 2003 and caters to students with varied special needs. As Inclusion is our aim, only students who can participate with their mainstream peers in extracurricular activities will be eligible for admission. Thereby, all students receiving LC support will belong to a specific grade.

Admission Procedure

  • Parents of students with special needs seeking admission into BIS for their child must fix an appointment prior to meeting the Admissions Officer. A copy of the student’s medical reports, psychological and psycho-educational evaluation reports and previous school reports must be submitted to the Admissions Officer before the appointment.
  • The parents, along with their child, meet the Admissions Officer and the LC Coordinator to discuss the needs of the child.
  • To assess the student’s level of academic functioning, an entrance test is conducted.
  • Based on seat availability, if the student’s needs can be met by the school and if he /she can benefit from services offered by the LC, then placement in an appropriate grade is suggested.
  • In order to assess the student’s socio emotional and academic skills, he / she may be under observation in the school for a period of 3 working days. This is to enable the school to take a final decision regarding the admission and placement of the student. This decision rests entirely on the Head of School.

Academic Programmes

On the basis of each student’s needs and abilities, support is provided in the following ways:

  • Students with specific learning difficulties following the mainstream curriculum are offered support in the LC for specific remediation. Sometimes, special educators collaborate with the mainstream teachers and provide support to the students in the classroom.
  • Some students follow an adapted curriculum formulated according to their level of academic functioning in the LC.

Learning Centre Guidelines

School timings

The school timings for students seeking support from the LC would depend on the following:

  • The student’s ability to benefit from learning in the mainstream classroom
  • Successful integration with the student’s mainstream peers in extracurricular activities
  • The amount of intervention needed for the student at the LC

This decision regarding the amount of time spent in school is taken by the Head of School, along with the LC Coordinator.

Bus facility

The LC Coordinator must be consulted in order to determine if the student can travel by the school bus independently.

Student chaperone

In some cases, it is necessary for a student to be accompanied by a chaperone employed by his/her parents.


Psychological, educational and medical evaluations are required to be conducted periodically.

Academic progress

If a student from any section of the school does not make any progress while receiving academic instruction at the LC, then a meeting with the parents will be scheduled. The Head of School along with the Coordinator will discuss the situation and the parents will have to find an alternative school to cater to their child’s needs before the commencement of the new academic year.

Eligibility for a Board exam

The eligibility for students to follow a prescribed and recognized syllabus in order to appear for a Board Examination will be decided by the Head of School and the LC Coordinator. Students who are not eligible to appear for a Board Examination will continue to follow an adapted/a functional curriculum at the LC.

Parent involvement

Parental involvement and cooperation is stressed upon to enable the holistic development of the student.